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Overflow Cloud Documents#81

With Overflow Cloud Documents we are looking to improve your workflow and simplify the ways you and your team access Overflow files.

  • All your Overflow files will be available on the Overflow cloud to access from anywhere.

  • Your work on the Overflow app will be automatically saved to the cloud.

  • Without local files, sharing and updating a file will be faster than ever.

We encourage you to share your feedback on our plans by commenting on this post. The Overflow team loves to hear from Overflow users!

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Some comments received in our Slack community on cloud documents:

What our team would like to see is for Overflow to break free from whatever cloud storage it needs to depend on when working in a team

Our current workflow
-A team member create a .overflow working file. Work on it. Save changes
-That team member put the files into google drive sync shared folder (integrated with finder)
-Other team member pick up the files and continue working on it

What we wanted
-All team members set up Overflow finder integration so it shows up as a shared folder in MacOs Finder application (:file_folder: [Project name], etc.)
-A team member create a .overflow working file in that folder and work on it
-After saving. Other team member can see the changes in real time, on their own Finder, within the same shared folder, and start working on it

Suggested alternative:
Doesn’t have to be finder integration like Dropbox, it can even be Overflow’s own file browser using shared cloud or whatever. E.g. make it like Sketch welcome pane. Put “save to local” or “save to cloud” in the ui to simplify the process

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10 months ago

Collaborative synchronous or asynchronous work on the same cloud document by multiple team members was a feature that we expected in Overflow as we come from Figma, but were surprised not to find. Very important to us as a distributed team.

10 months ago

looking forward to seeing this soon

scenarios we commonly work in

  1. Editor A works on document, shares with Customer to view and comment
  2. Editor A works on office machine, and works on it later on laptop
  3. Editor A and Editor B work of project at same time
  4. Editor A + B work on it, and share with Editor C (external company) - who can edit but not delete.
  5. Share view only links, pass protected, shouldn’t require invitee to had to register. (unless wants to comment)

In all cases, the docs should sync to the cloud, to allow editors to move be machines (commonly for office then home working)

It would als o be handy on the shares for the ability to hide buttons like prototype…as sometimes, we just want people to drag around to explore the diagrams, (if they went into protptype it could be confusing for them in some cases)

The key feature we are using this is because of the connectors and the fact they show up on PDFs

Still like the version history though, that is excellent

Looking forward to seeing how the sofwtare develeops!



9 months ago

Looking forward to this. I hope there is some form of “file locking” similar to Wordpress’s post locks, so it’s easy to see whether it’s safe to open/edit the Overflow.

9 months ago

Glad to see this request, it’s the missing point for me right now when working into figma and switching to overflow and having to find my file on a shared drive with my coworkers.

8 months ago

Hello all! Who is excited about Overflow Cloud Documents?

Very soon you will be able to save your Overflow documents online to the Overflow cloud.

Visit the Overflow Learn Center to find out what’s coming next and how it will improve your workflow!

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