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An Overflow App for Slack#52

Hi, I suggest creating a plugin / bot for Slack. At this moment I must manualy inform my team about updates of app’s flowmap. I would like to make it automatically by using a bot.

2 years ago
Changed the title from "Integration with #Slack" to "An Overflow App for Slack"
2 years ago
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In Consideration
2 years ago

Hello @Michał Pijet! Thanks for adding this request. It is currently being considered by the Overflow team. Some of the ideas we have been throwing around are for the Overflow app for Slack to notify you when the following activities happen with your Overflow Share links:

  • New share link added in a folder
  • New updates on a share link
  • New comments are added
  • A comment is edited
  • A comment is resolved

You could also be able to send the activity for a Share link or a Folder to multiple channels.

Have you got any comments on the above? Anything we might have missed?



2 years ago

Hi @Andreas. Thanks for mentioning me in this thread. I believe that the new features that you listed above are those what slack users expect! Please let me know when i can test them!

2 years ago

Hi @Andreas! Are there any updates on this feature?

2 years ago

Hello @Anton Danshin. The team has done some preparatory work on the Overflow Slack integration. We expect that it will move to ‘In Progress’ when the ‘Overflow Cloud Documents’ feature is released.

2 years ago
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