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Seeing and handling Overflow comments in the Editor.#21


My team members and stakeholders leave comments on the shared user flow diagram, but then I have to make changes in the Editor. I need to have two monitors active at the same time: a browser and the Overflow app. Locating what screen each comment referred to and making the necessary changes, in other words going back and forth, takes too much time.

4 years ago

Yes I my stakeholders ( business analytics and Pos ) leave comments every day and I always ask them to send me screenshots because loggin out to sign in as viewer to see comments is a no-go.
Please do something about this, it is quite a basic feature :(

3 years ago
Merged Enable comments on Desktop app#82
3 years ago
Merged Linked comments with the pages#111
3 years ago
Changed the status to
In Consideration
2 years ago